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Escuela NSS Managua

Busto José Martí, 2 cuadras este, 2 cuadras norte, 1/2 cuadra este

Managua . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Capital de Nicaragua

  Population 1 million. Approximately 30% of Nicaragua's 6 million inhabitants work, study, or live in Managua.

Next to Lake Managua, in view of mountains.

Center of everything economic, governmental, and political in Nicaragua.

Many activities with organizations of interest to students and professionals.

Central access to other Nicaraguan departamentos.


Managua Plaza photo

Managua's downtown plaza with its monument to poet Rubén Darío.


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NSS's Managua Spanish School offers a quality Spanish language and cultural full-immersion program in Managua. The school is located in a traditional, safe, and central neighborhood of the Nicaraguan capital. The NSS Managua facility is spacious and accomodating, and is shared by the "Centro Educativo Internacional Henry George," a non-profit organization which hosts a variety of educational activities attended by both Nicaraguans and international students. Part of NSS's income goes to support the CEIHG program. The staff of NSS Managua are dedicated and experienced in the NSS method of full-immersion learning. They offer excellent instruction for both beginner and more advanced students of all academic and professional interests.


NSS Managua School
Click on an entrance to go inside.


NSS Managua students can lodge with our hospitable family homestays or in local hospedajes, both only a short walk from the school. The NSS Managua program offers a variety of afternoon activities as well as visits and volunteer work opportunities with institutions and service organizations in Managua. Optional tours and excursions outside the capital and to other "departamentos" are offered on the weekends. The NSS Managua program is for students of all language ability and interests, and we also offers a special focus for individuals and groups who are interested in investigating the causes of, and the solutions to, Nicaragua's socio-economic challenges.


Some of the Weekday Activities included in the NSS Managua program.
Activities are scheduled after consultation with the students at the beginning of each program week.


Laguna de Asososca

A volanic lagoon that serves as one of Managua's main reservoirs, as well as a public park.


click to see photo
  The Principal Markets and Commercial Centers of Managua

Roberto Huembes, Mercado Oriental, Mercado Mayoreo, Centro Comercial, Metro Centro, Plaza Inter, Plaza Las Américas, Galería. These markets represent the various economic sectors of the Nicaraguan economy where Nicaraguans of different social strata come together to shop and socialize.


  Religous Centers in Managua

... where you can see and feel the historic of the primarily Christian influence on the Nicaraguan culture: The old and new Catholic Church Cathedrals of Managua; the wide variety of Evangelical (Protestant) churches, and even some Islamic Mosques.


"Barracudas" Swimming Pool

Only a short walk from the NSS Managua school. This beautiful installation offers a fresh and fun way to cool off, get some exercise, and meet local people.

click to see photo
  El Malecón y el Teatro Rubén Darío

A touristy place, but with few tourists, where you can see Lake Nicaragua, the important monuments, and the Central Plaza of Managua.


  Museum "Huellas de Acahualinca"

... where you can see evidence of the presence of the oldest Nicaraguans dating back to 4,000 b.c.


  Palacio Nacional de la Cultura

Biblioteca Nacional, Archivo Nacional, Hemeroteca Nacional, and the Seat of the Central American Parlament.


Laguna de Tiscapa

A beautiful volcanic lagoon located near the center of Managua. It is an ecological park with a built-in amphitheatre from the 1980's.


click to see photo
  Public and Private Primary Schools and High Schools in Managua

Visit with faculty and school children and see the conditions they teach and learn in. (Volunteer opportunities available.)


  Universities of Managua

Including: Universidad Autónoma de Nicaragua (UNAN) ; Universidad Centroamericana (UCA) ; Universidad de Ingeniería (UNI) ; Universidad Politécnica (UPOLI) ; Universidad Evangélica Nicaragüense (UENIC) ; Instituto Centroamericano de Administracion de Empresas (INCAE) ; Universidad Católica Redemptoris Mater (UNICA) ; Universidad Central de Nicaragua (UCN) ; Universidad Cristiana Autónoma de Nicaragua (UCAN) ; Universidad de Ciencias Comerciales (UCC) ; Universidad de las Américas (ULAM) ; Universidad Hispanoamericana Universidad Iberoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnología (UNICIT) ; Universidad Paulo Freire (UPF) ; Universidad Popular de Nicaragua (UPONIC) ; Universidad Nacional Agraria (UNA) ; Universidad Nicaragüense de Ciencia y Tecnologia (UCYT)


  Asamblea Nacional

The Nicaraguan legislative assembly is open to viewing by the public. There you can watch the legislative process and meet activists and advocates of every issue.


  Offices of the Major Political Parties in Nicaragua

Allianza Por la República (APRE) ; Partido Conservador (PC) ; Partido Liberal Independiente (PLI) ; Partido Liberal Constitucionalista (PLC) ; Allianza Liberal Nicaragüense  (ALN) ; Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional  (FSLN) ; Movimiento de Renovación Sandinista (MRS).


  Restaurants, Nightclubs, National Theatre, Cinema, and other Relaxing Evening Activities

To eat Nicaraguan comidas típicas, listen and dance to música latina, drink Nicaraguan cocteles, talk "tonterías," and see how Nicaraguans enjoy their free time out.


Public Service Festivales

Participate in local social service and public education activites sponsored by government agencies and non-profit organizations.


click to see photo
  In-house Classes and Activities Relating to Nicaraguan Life and Culture

NSS Managua staff and visiting experts give presentations in simple Spanish and lead discussions on a variety of topics including: Latin Dance classes ; Game Day ; Arts & Crafts Workshops ; Public Health and Environment ; Natural Disasters ; Nicaraguan History ; Ecology, Economics ; Politics, Education, Sex y Gender, Customs and Cultural Traditions, Religión, and much more. Many of these kinds of activities are also put on by the CEIHG and can include participation of the Nicaraguan public.


     . . . y mucho más!

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Visits, Activities, and Volunteer Opportunities with Organizations in Managua
Volunteer work is arranged after a student visits an organization
to first see if there is compatibility of ability and interest.

Acción Médica Cristiana

Medical clinic and program for education about healthcare.

Asociación de Artistas de la Danza

Organization of dance artists working with both contemporary and traditional Nicaraguan dance forms.

Centro de Mujeres IXCHEN

Medical, psychological and legal assistance center for women.

Centro de Protección de Menores Rolando Carazo

Advocates for the rights and protection of vulnerable children.

Dos Generaciones

Program for homeless children.

Fundación el Patriarca

Programs to combat youth drug addiction and its causes in.

Fundación Verde Sonrisa

Community projects directed toward the education of youth, street children, family support.


Supports programs and services for victimes of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Hospital de la Mujer Bertha Calderón

Hospital specializing in women's care.

Hospital del Niño La Mascota

Program for lowering infant mortality in Nicaragua.

Hospital de Rehabilitación Aldo Chavarría

Physical therapy and prosthesis.

Organización de Revolucionarios Descapacitados (ORD)

Union of disabled people (build their own wheelchairs).

Orfanatorio "Casa Bernabé

Home for orphans situated 22 ½ kms. from Managua.

Ministerio de Educación, Dirección de Educación Especial

Program for educational integration of disabled children.

Moviemiento Ambientalista de Nicaragua (MAN)

Work on projects and advocacy for the preservation of the environment and natural resources.

National Government Administrative Ministries

Instituto Nicaragüense de Deportes, IND ; Ministerio Agropecuario y Forestal, MAG-FOR ; Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deportes, MECD ; Ministerio del Ambiente y los Recursos Naturales, MARENA ; Ministerio de la Familia, MIFAMILIA ; Ministerio de Salud, MINSA ; Ministerio de Fomento, Industria y Comercio, MIFIC ; Instituto Nicaragüense de Apoyo a la Pequeña y Mediana Empresa, INPYME ; Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism, INTUR ; Ministerio del Trabajo, MITRAB ; Ministerio de Transporte e Infraestructura, MTI ; Ministerio de Defensa, MIDEF ; Sistema Nacional para la Prevención, Mitigación y Atención de Desastres, SINAPRED

National Government Regulatory Agencies

Banco Central de Nicaragua, BCN ; Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas y Censos, INEC ;  Instituto de Desarrollo Rural, IDR ; Comisión Nacional de Energía, CNE ; Instituto Nicaragüense de Acueductos y Alcaltarillados, INAA ; Instituto Nicaragüense de Fomento Municipal, INIFOM ; Instituto Nicaragüense de Telecomunicaciones y Correos, TELCOR ; Instituto Nicaragüense de Estudios Territoriales, INETER ; Instituto de la Vivienda Urbana y Rural, INVUR ; Procuraduría General de Justicia

Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Publice Service Agencies

Empresa Administradora de Aeropuertos Internacionales, EAAI ; Empresa Nacional de Acueductos y Alcantarillados, ENACAL ; Empresa Nacional de Transmisión Eléctrica, ENTRESA ; Empresa Nicaragüense de Electricidad, ENEL ; Empresa Nacional de Puertos, ENAP ; Correos de Nicaragua ; Contraloria General de la República ; Procuraduría de los Derechos Humanos ; Intendencia de la Propiedad ; Instituto Nicaragüense de Energía, INE ; Superintendencia de Bancos y Otras Instituciones Financieras, SIBOIF ; Instituto Nicaragüense de Seguridad Social, INSS ; Ministerio Público

. . . y mucho más!

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Some of NSS Managua's Optional Weekend Excursions
$5 - $20 each, depending on how many students participate.
 Arranged each week in consultation with the students, or can be reserved in advance by larger groups.


  Laguna de Xiloa

15 minutes from Managua, where many Managua's go to take a dip during the holidays.


click to see photo

El Crucero

An interesting town at high altitude located only 35 kilómetros from Managua which has a comparatively cold and windy climate while the rest of the surrounding area is hot.

National park "Volcán Masaya"

Visit to the park museum and then a short ride up the volcano to hike around the hills, take in the immense views, and look into the smoking active crater.

Nicaraguan Zoológico Nacional

Nicaragua's #1 zoo, located on the outskirts of Managua, with a variety of Nicaraguan and foreign animals, birds and butterflies.

City of Masaya

Formerly "The city of flowers," Masaya has been redubbed "The Cradle of Nicaraguan Folklore" (La Cuna del Folklor Nicaragüense).  Located about 29 kms. from Managua, Masaya is noted for its cultural festivals and artisan trade. Sites to visit include the Plaza Central, the Mercardo de Artesanias and the mountaintop Coyotepe Fortress, which was used by different warring factions throughout there history and now a museum. Once a weeknight, there is the Noche de Verbena of folkloric dances.

City of Granada

Nicaragua's oldest city and one of Latin America's oldest as well. Lots of colonial arquitecture. On the shores of Lake Nicaragua and in the shadow of the great Volcán Mombacho.

Los Pueblos Blancos

Trips to a contiguous region of villages located near around Granada and Masaya. They are known as "Los Pueblos Blancos" because of their tendency to have Spanish colonial-style white-washed buildings: Nindiri, San Juan de Oriente, San Marcos, Niquinohomo, Masatepe, Catarina, Diria and Diriomo. Each one had its own unique charm and attractions.

Mirador de Catarina

Situated in the pueblo of Catarina with a beautiful view looking out over the Laguna de Apoyo. From the Mirador, we can hike down to the crater edge (or as far as the fitness of the group allows), take a swim in the lagoon, and get back before dark, feeling very tired and totally awesome.

Playa Pochomil

Popular beach on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua.

City of León

An hour's drive up the northern coast. An important university city in Nicaragua with notable historic arquitecture and many other sites to experience. Has a beautiful beach at Poneloya with truculent waves.

. . . y mucho más!



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