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NSS Spanish Language and Cultural Immersion Program

Central location in Managua. The NSS program in Managua is housed in the Centro Educativo Internacional Henry George (CEIHG) near the beautiful Laguna de Tiscapa. The CEIHG's attractive, spacious campus is located in a relatively safe area of Managua, easy walking distance to many commercial, recreational, and government centers. The CEIHG, an international non-profit organization, also hosts a variety of ongoing classes, seminars and workshops which provide local Nicaraguan professionals and students a wide range of educational themes, such as economic reform, personal health and fitness, yoga, ESL, professional and organizational development, etc. NSS tuition helps support the CEIHG program and NSS students can participate as students or volunteer instructors in the many CEIHG activities.

Year-round program and services for Spanish students. Arrive and start classes any day of the week. The basic program week with family homestay is Sunday through Saturday, with classes Monday through Friday. You can also reserve extra lodging/homestay days and extra tutoring hours for before or after your basic weekly program to accommodate any arrival schedule. Tutoring, translation, transportation, excursions, lodging and other services services are also available separately for registered NSS students.

Total immersion language acquisition program helps you rapidly make significant and measureable gains in your Spanish speaking, conversational comprehension, writing and reading comprehension skills, as wells as comunicative expression and grammatical knowledge. Classes takes place in an exclusively Spanish speaking environment using a participatory conversational method which combines visual, auditory and kinesthetic activities to engage all your senses in the direct-learning process. Class curricula and content are guided by the ongoing evaluation of your progress and by your expressed interests, with the goal of making your classes engaging as well as instructional. Our supportive staff, hospitable lodging/homestay, and the relaxed Nicaraguan culture will help you to quickly lose self-consciousness and gain natural confidence in your ability to communicate effectively en Español....... Prices

Placement evaluation puts you in a class of your own level. The NSS program has six organizational levels: beginner, advanced beginner, intermediate, advanced intermediate, advanced, and conversational, which are defined by each student's ability in speaking, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, writing, and grammatical knowledge. The placement evaluation is a combined oral and written examination administered on the first day of your classes which evaluates your language ability, cultural knowledge, and personal interests, so that your teacher can structure your classes to be both instructive and interesting.

4 hours all-Spanish instruction per day, in the mornings, Monday - Friday (usually 8:30am to 12:30pm) with short breaks. Instruction is in Español only. The full-immersion method encourages direct learning through demonstration, experience, and practice at all levels, with more in-depth explanation and demonstration of grammar and other elements at the intermediate and advanced levels. The NSS method encourages students to be speaking and/or writing Spanish during at least 50% of class time.

Small class size with individual attention: Usually one-on-one instruction, but can be two students of the same level per class (up to three for groups) if the schools is very full.

Experienced Native-Nicaraguan Spanish teachers are dedicated, patient, amables, and strive to make learning Spanish a productive and pleasant experience for all our students. NSS teachers are trained in second language full-immersion teaching methods and participate in creating NSS teaching materials, as well as in the afternoon program activities.

Class materials are included in the basic program. NSS materials are mostly created by NSS staff, who draw upon second language teaching sources from Latin America and Spain, via imported texts, the internet, and locally available didactic materials. Each student receives a basic Spanish grammar text (in Spanish) published by NSS and designed for use in our Spanish immersion program.

Extra individual tutoring is available in the afternoon in addition to the basic morning program. You can customize your program with tutoring hours to make it extra "intensive," to begin a program in mid-week, or to design a program with less hours, with or without lodging. Some students choose to reserve the basic program in advance and then add on tutoring hours to their program after it starts and they are sure they really want the extra hours...... Prices

Certificate of Completion at the end of your program. You will receive documentation of each week's class and tutoring hours with comments and a competency level evaluation from your teachers, and a certificate, suitable for framing, documenting your participation and completion, signed by the Program Director of the school.

Lodging in a Nicaraguan family homestay is included in the basic program and is recommended as a part of the immersion process for rapid language acquisition. Although at times a homestay may be shared by two students (and you may choose to share with a traveling companion or group/family member) students generally have their homestay to themselves. Homestay service includes a private room and three meals a day in a clean, secure, hospitable home of a Nicaraguan family who will help you feel welcome, as well as giving you opportunity to practice your Spanish. Your homestay family will provide you with basic amenities such as a fan and bottled water, and many homestays have phones which can be used by students for local calls on a limited basis. Laundry service is available through your family though many students find they actually like to do their own laundry by hand in a Nica lavandero. You can reserve extra homestay days before and/or after your program. You may also choose to attend classes without homestay accommodations, or vice versa (space permitting). NSS can also help you find appropriately priced lodgings in local hoteles or hospedajes near the NSS Managua school. There is also limited onsite room and board available in the CEIHG building for the same price as homestay.
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Afternoon cultural activities, fun and educational mini-cursos, and visits with local organizations are included in the basic program and are facilitated by the NSS teaching staff in an exclusively Spanish speaking environment so that students have the opportunity to practice their Spanish skills. Activities include visits to health clinics, museums, cooperatives, artisan shops, factories, farms, NGO and Government projects; dance, music, art, and handiwork classes; visits and lectures by community leaders, visits to neighboring communities, local tours y mucho más. Topical mini-cursos (en Español - mainly for intermediate and advanced students) provide an insightful understanding of important topics in Nicaragua such as: the economics of Nicaraguan progress and poverty, Nicaraguan history and politics, the public health and education systems, natural ecology and conservation issues, social and gender relations, religion, Nicaraguan art forms, y más! (See activity descriptions on Managua school page)

Volunteer opportunities are available through the NSS program with local public service, health, education, cultural, and ecological conservation projects and organizations. The NSS staff can help you visit specific kinds of organizations to find a match with your interests. Available volunteer work may include teaching, medical, technical/professional assistance, public health education, conservation, social services for adults or children, etc. (See activity descriptions on Managua school page for some ideas.) Volunteer jobs are arranged personally through visits with local organizations once you arrive at the NSS Managua school.

Airport pick-up and transportation service. NSS can arrange for you to be picked up at the airport (even if your plane arrives off schedule or is bumped to the next day), and take you to the NSS school in comfort and safety. Pick-up can also be arranged from any specific location within Nicaragua.

Registration and payment process: Programs must be reserved and paid in full (received by NSS) at least seven days before your program start date, but late registration and payment can be processed up to three days in advance (if space is available) for an additional processing fee. International payment can be made via Paypal, or by check or wire transfer to our USA account, or with US cash or a local check at our Managua office ....... See the NSS Individual or Group/Family Application ....... Prices

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Program Tuition and Fees (as of February 2013)

Registration: (valid for 12 months)
Individual - $25
Two or Three together - $35
Group of four or more - $45
Late payment (less than 7 days in advance) - $15 indiv. aplic. / $25 group aplic.

Tuition: basic program week is from Sunday to Saturday and includes 20 hours classroom instruction, grammar text and class materials, homestay with all meals, weekday local activities.
1 week - $230
2 weeks - $425
3 weeks - $630
4 weeks - $830
Additional weeks - $210 each
Extra Tutoring - $8 per hour

Groups of 6 or more who register together for the same basic weekly program are eligible for a tuition discount. . . Contact NSS

Homestay Options:
Additional homestay, before or after program - $15/day or $90/week.
No homestay desired: subtract $70/week from tuition.
Shared homestay for two or more in same program are discounted on the Group/Family Application.

Airport pick-up and transportation service.
Managua Aiport to NSS CEIHG: $25 plus $5 each additional student.
From CEIHG to any Nicaragua location: Contact NSS


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