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Why Study Spanish in Nicaragua?

Nicaragua, "the land of lakes and volcanoes," is one of the safest and most hospitable countries in all of Latin America in which to travel and study. Nicaragua is a beautiful and largely unspoiled country in the first phases of its economic development. Along with its diverse natural attractions, Nicaragua has a very hospitable population and a fascinating place in history. Roughly the size of the U.S. state of New York, Nicaragua has a greatly varying geography and climate, from the cool mountains in the north, to the warm central lowlands, to the breezy beaches on the pacific coast, as well as the marshy lowlands of the Atlantic coast. Spanish schools in Nicaragua are located in key areas that allow you access to the various social and natural environments in the pueblos, cities, countryside, lakes and beaches on the Spanish-speaking western half of the country. Because Nicaragua is relatively unspoiled by over-tourism, you can visit many interesting places without fighting a crowd.

Nicaragua has the 10th largest freshwater lake in the world.


Participation versus Tourism

Nicaragua Spanish Schools offer students the ability to learn Spanish through participation from within the Nicaraguan culture. This is very different experience from being a simple tourist who experiences a considerable degree of mental, emotional, and even physical separation from the people and land they briefly visit. In this respect, Nicaragua offers an optimal social environment for the kind of immersion experience which challenges you to put aside some of your own cultural perceptions and safely experience the world from the point of view of the Nicaraguan culture. Your fellow students will be mainly North Americans, Europeans, Australians, and others who are also attracted by the natural beauty, the fascinating history, and the relaxed way of life in Nicaragua.

Visiting with some small friends at a rural primary school.


Many Interesting Things to Do!

What are some of the attractions of Nicaragua? Beautiful hills, mountains, lagoons, lakes, islands, beaches, volcanoes, petroglyphs, 16th century colonial cities to explore, special fiestas and community events, curious cooperative friendly people, adorable children, warm family relations, a sense of traditional and indigenous community, quick acceptance and respect, a poetic sense of reality that values the importance of human relations and social hospitality.

Because of its economic situation, political consciousness, strong indigenous roots, interesting history, and rich ecology, Nicaragua offers a great location to study Spanish for those who have a complementary interest in international politics, sociology, economic development, ecology, public health, education, religion, Latino art, indigenous handicraft, and much more. Each pueblo and city in Nicaragua has its own unique charm with various social, cultural, and nature-related activities. Students can also expand their cultural immersion through volunteer activities with local organizations, facilitated by the NSS Managua program.



A Great Environment for Conversation

As a visitor to Nicaragua, you will enjoy the natural beauty of the land and you will be impressed by the energy, the friendliness and the generous spirit of its people. Due to their unique revolutionary period, an unusually large portion of the Nicaraguan population have an exceptional awareness of political, social, and economic issues and a ready willingness to discuss many topics in an open-minded and friendly way. You will notice that Nicaraguans have great resources of patience, humor and youthful optimism, and you will be taken in by the natural warmth and humanity of the many friends you will make during your NSS immersion program.


We look forward to welcoming you to Nicaragua!

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What visitors say about Nicaragua

People who go to Nicaragua are invariably overwhelmed by the hospitality they receive from their Nicaraguan hosts.

"I have traveled to a total of six different countries. My trip to Nicaragua was by far the most enjoyable. The Nicaraguan countryside was beautiful and the people - especially the children - as well." -- Debra B., USA


"I have been to Nicaragua before on four separate trips and must say it is one of the best places I've ever been... The people are so friendly and hospitable and made me feel welcome and at home. I would really like to return to Nicaragua again for a longer extended stay." -- Jim T., USA


"I have visited Nicaragua three times in the last four years on mission work trips and have found the people to be among the most wonderful on earth. I look forward to returning with much anticipation." -- Barry A., USA


"I recently spent three weeks in Nicaragua ... It was simply the most altering experience of my life. If you have been there, you know what I mean." -- Jason L, USA


This poetic phrase sums up the Nicaraguan spirit:

"We share this profound love for our homeland that is full of human warmth and great humor which we have known how to maintain even in our most difficult moments; let's continue smiling and sharing sadness and joy full of enthusiasm and courage."

("Compartimos este amor profundo por nuestra patria que está llena de calor humano y mucho humorismo que aún en los momentos más difíciles hemos sabido mantener; sigamos sonriendo y compartiendo tristezas y alegrías llenos de entusiasmos y valentía.") -- C. Zamora, Matagalpa

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