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Links to information about Nicaragua

Official list of Nicaraguan Embassies and Consulates worldwide.

eXito Travel is a leading travel service specializing in Latin America.

Lonely Planet -- Destination: Nicaragua has some good traveler information. Their history of Nicaragua is interesting.

2013 World Factbook of the US CIA has a detailed and concise statistical overview of Nicaragua for the factually inclined. (It is a main source of many other statistical summaries and graphs on the internet.)

Nicaragua - A Country Study by the US Library of Congress only covers up to 2003 (Billions spent on war and no money left over to update the national library?), but the historical articles are interesting and informative.

La Prensa and El Nuevo Diario: Nicaragua's top circulating newspapers -- en Español.

University of Texas LANIC Nicaragua page provides many useful links under various topics related to Nicaragua.

U.S. Embassy - Managua, Nicaragua has all those official links, reports, and declarations... in English and Spanish.

IBW Internet Gateway to Nicaragua has links to non-profit organizations, government, business, news, services, etc. in Nicaragua ... en Español. offers a lot of online resources and information about traveling to and in Nicaragua.

NicAmigo is a well done homemade site with some interesting photos, articles, and links.

Escape Artist - Nicaragua is basically for those who are interested in real estate in Nicaragua. A single tax on the value of land could convert the private ownership of Nicaragua's natural advantages from being a poverty-producing robbery of the commons into being an unlimited social benefit that could eradicate all poverty in less than five years. More info.

The Henry George Institute of NY offers an on-line course (in English in Spanish) on the only true remedy for poverty in Nicaragua and the world... it's so simple you won't believe it!

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